Happy New Year! The Rituals, The Roll Overs And The Realities.

Every night that brings the first of the January of each new year, many would be awake, keeping vigil and waiting for the “New Year”! And as soon as it was 12.00am, January 1st, many places would wear  the dress of pump and pageantry. Fireworks, gun shots, music and noise of all types would abound to usher in the New Year. The triumphant shouts of “Happy New Year” would almost persuade one to believe that we now have “New World”.

Many would be happy to see the New Year. Every New Year appears to offer some certain hope for no other reason other than it is “new”. Year in and year out, we perform the same Rituals of “Happy New Year”. We even make the so called “New Year” resolutions all in the hope of becoming “new” with the “new year” as if it is the change in date that will bring the change in our lives.  Yet, no sooner have we gone into the New Year, do we discover that everything in the New Year is like that of the old with exception of the date.  Most times, we discover that “Roll-Overs” from the previous year have followed us to the “new year”. Soon, it becomes clear that the “new year” is no different from the “old” except for the fact that we got older. The reality of having the same old experience right in the New Year is quite a phenomenon to many, but it is not farfetched.

Apart from the dates, can someone please tell me what the difference is between the 31st of December and the 1st of January?  Is not the same sun that rises and falls? So what really is the difference between an old year and a new year? Think about it, the difference between the old year and New Year, is not as much a difference between a new month and its predecessor. The same applies to a new week and the old a week, a new day and the previous day.

The fact is that time is made for man. If a new day does not count, neither will a new week. If a new month does not count, neither will a new year. If the 31st of December does not count, then the 1st of January might not also count. The responsibility of making things “new” depends on the man and not the “New Year”.  We behave as if “new” things depend on the “new year”. No! The newness of our lives does not depend on a new day, week, month and year.

Often, we think the same way, live the same way and yet expect all things to become “new”. Someone defined insanity as “doing the same things all over and yet expecting a different result”.

While we thank God for the New Year, however, this is just to make it abundantly clear that the potentials of the New Year can only be released if only we embrace some new and positive way of thinking.  Your potentials does not depend on the New Year, rather, the potentials of the New Year depends on you.

Happy New Year.

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