Poverty, Prosperity and Definition of Money!

Poverty, Prosperity and Definition of Money!

What is poverty?
Did you say “lack of money” or something similar?
Well, above is the average answer we have got so far, each time we ask this question at our Wealth Creation Seminars (WCS).

This particular answer usually compels us to ask this next question,
“What is money?”.
I can remember clearly, the day I asked my kids (the oldest was 7 years old as at then) this same question, and they innocently informed me that “money is what we use to buy things!”.

Unfortunately, so many adults also have this very wrong notion about money. Hear me and hear me well, money is not used to “buy” things, rather money is a medium of exchange for “things” (things here could mean goods and/or services).

Having money does not mean that one is rich! If I have $100, and you have $1,000,000, and both of us have need of yam to eat, but there is no single tuber of yam in the market, then our monies are of no value. We cannot chew the dollar notes. As far as yam is not available for us to buy, your $1,000,000 dollars is as valueless as my $100.

On the other hand, if both of us have no cash at the moment, but I have 100 cows, while you have just 1 goat, I am far richer than you. Far back in the days of trade by Barter, there were rich men as well as poor men, rich nations as well as poor nations.

It‘s all in the definition of money. The poor see money as what they will use to buy goods/services, so they pursue money, the rich see money as a tool for exchange of goods/services, so they don’t “bother” about money. The rich rather seek to always have services to render to humanity and in doing so, money always pursue them.

The million dollar question about money is this: what do you have that you can exchange with people around you? Whenever you have something to exchange, people will pay for it.
I have been paid for delivering motivational lectures!
I have been paid for bridging the gap between a producer of certain goods and some consumers of such goods.
I can remember that I was paid for making our kind of local baskets as a teenager in the days I was growing up.

Monies are exchanging hands daily. They leave the hands of those who need one service/product or the other and enter into the hands of those who provide such services/products.

Hey! What is your value? What are you offering to humanity? Those who have services/products to offer to humanity are rich; those who seek for money just to purchase goods/services are poor!
This why Africa is poor!. We use our money to buy from the rich nations, while the rich nations are paying serious attention to the quality and relevance of goods they produce and that of the services they render.

The rich takes the responsibility of providing goods/and services to humanity, the poor takes in pride in shouting to whoever cares to listen that all he needs is money. Yet, as soon as money enters into his hands, he runs to the rich to get one service or the other, and he is back to “lack of money”.

Poverty or prosperity is choice! It starts from the way we think! Its starts from the way we understand money. It does not bother me if I have don’t have money, but I should be bothered if I have no services to render to humanity. Service to humanity will surely bring money, but poverty awaits any man who has nothing to offer to humanity even if he has money today.

Here is the irony, the rich pursue humanity with their goods/services, so money pursues the rich. The poor on the other hand pursue money in other hand to buy goods/services so even the little money that enters into his hands quickly leaps out of his hands into the awaiting pockets of the rich.

This is why the rich will always continue to get richer while the poor will always continue to get poorer. It is a law.

Arise Africa, it is time for revolution, we need a mental revolution!
This is what we stand for in ARM: African Revolutionary Movement.

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