The Genesis of our “Darkness” Part II: Rehash verses Research!

It seems we prefer to rehash than to research.

By Rehash, we mean the simplicity of applying the same “formula” of 40 years ago to today’s problems.

Rather than do some research to find better ways of doing things, we are comfortable with rehashing how it was done before. Very annoying is that most of our “formulas” are nothing but mere superstitions.

Just the other day, I heard of a pregnant woman who was running away from a baby girl that was running after her because according to the woman, she might end up having a baby girl as a result of carrying the little girl that wanted to play with her!

What is the biological equation for that? Was there ever a research carried out to ascertain such claims?

No! We simply rehash it, the way we were told by our forefathers. We must pay attention to research.

We have what it takes to do our own silicon chips, and from there manufacture our own ICs for today’s technologies.
Yet, we are comfortable with rehashing the exploits of our tribal warlords in the 1800s and the 1900s!

We are waiting for

1. America to invent
2. China will produce
3. Dubai will sell,
4. Finally we’ll buy.

We are calling for a revolution! A mental revolution.
This is what we stand for in ARM (African Revolutionary Movement).

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