The Genesis Of “The Darkness” In Africa!

It seemed our forefathers were more interested in who “caused” their problems, rather than in “what could be done” to solve the problems.

Every “challenge” no matter how small was attributed to some enemy which could be either human or spirits.

As a result, they always went to make “inquiries” from the gods even if the problem was an ordinary malaria. The priests of the gods did not help matters in anyway, they kept demanding for sacrifices to “appease” the gods or materials to make counter “charms” to destroy the enemies.

The great consequent of this poor thought pattern, was that they always blamed someone or something for every misfortune.

In their philosophy, if there was no rain, they blame it on the gods and could not think of what else they could do to water their farms. How did the white man come about irrigation? It was very simply! 

“The crops need water to survive and grow, since there is no rain, we need to get water the farm from another source!”

One popular slogan of LG Electronics was, “Good thinking, Good Product”. 

It is time we look for solutions and not who or what caused our problems!

It is time we THINK on solutions! It is time for mental revolution! 
This is what we are championing in ARM. 





Welcome to ARM

What is ARM?

ARM stands for African Revolutionary Movement!
Why is Africa so backward?
Why are we so poor in the midst of plenty?
Are we really inferior to other continents/races?
Is there hope for African and Africans?

We have been in the dark for ages but now is our time.
We need a revolution! I don’t mean arms struggle neither do we need arms struggle.

Yet welcome to ARM (African Revolutionary Movement).
Africa needs a Revolution! A Mental Revolution!
It is our mission to cause a Revolution. It is our vision to “light up” Africa.

Who said that we are the Dark Continent?
No! We are not a dark continent.
We just ignorantly refused to turn ON the Light!

It is time to light up of Africa!