Poverty, Prosperity and Definition of Money! (Part II).

Poverty, Prosperity and Definition of Money! (Part II).
                   (The first law of Money)

Another question we usually ask in our Wealth Creation Seminars (WCS) is:

Mention one major difference between the rich and the poor, to which the average answer is, “money”.

Many people boldly tell us that the rich have money while the poor don’t.

Well, we will like to boldly disagree!  The major difference between the rich and the poor is not in the money they have. Of course, we agree that the poor does not have money, but also we make bold to say that the rich also do not have money!

The rich have “something” else other than money! Recall once more, what is money?
“Money is a medium of exchange”.  So if I have plenty of “things” (it may just be ideas) to exchange, I will have plenty of money. If I have little things to exchange, I will have little money and if I have nothing to exchange, I will have no money.

The amount of money I can have is directly proportional to the amount of exchangeable “things” that I have. So, the rich are not rich because they have money, but because they are exchanging “things”.


Secondly, the rich know that no matter the amount of money he has, if he stops exchanging things, his money will surely dwindle. So, he gets money divides it into two major parts.

  1. To be used to exchanged for things he needs.
  2. To be converted into things that can be exchanged later with profit. (We are talking about investment here).

The poor on the other hand, gets money only to keep buying things till the money is exhausted. If the money does not finish, he won’t stop.  He may not even see the need for tomorrow and so might finish the money in a swoop of buying spree. And who is he buying from? The Rich! Some people have got some money enough just enough to buy a car, they used all of it and bought the car, only to discover that they can’t maintain it.

In part 1, we took a look at the definition of money: a medium of exchange of “things” rather than what we use to buy “things”.

In our Wealth Creation Seminars (WCS), we usually emphasise this understanding of what money is and what it is not. We also state clearly that poverty is not necessary “lack of money”.

The average African thinks that the summary of his problems is “lack of money”. He believes that once he has more money he will live a better or even an abundant live. Even our definition of what constitutes “better life” is flawed. Some mansions, designer wears, latest models of cars, etc.

Well, lest we give the impression that these things are not good, it is noteworthy to state clearly that these things are all okay. It is good to live in a good house, to be clothed richly, to what we like and whenever we want them, yet we must realise that having a great life is not in the abundance of things we possess. Let us leave that for another day!

The point here is this: what is the point of buying a car, when you cannot maintain it. Why would someone use all his income to buy a home theatre and then suffer hunger for sometime because he has no food?

There is a very big difference between needs and wants. Financial intelligence starts from drawing the line between the two and then understanding the need for control. This will bring us to the first law of money!

  1. Thou shall not consume all your income.

See you next time.


Happy New Year! The Rituals, The Roll Overs And The Realities.

Every night that brings the first of the January of each new year, many would be awake, keeping vigil and waiting for the “New Year”! And as soon as it was 12.00am, January 1st, many places would wear  the dress of pump and pageantry. Fireworks, gun shots, music and noise of all types would abound to usher in the New Year. The triumphant shouts of “Happy New Year” would almost persuade one to believe that we now have “New World”.

Many would be happy to see the New Year. Every New Year appears to offer some certain hope for no other reason other than it is “new”. Year in and year out, we perform the same Rituals of “Happy New Year”. We even make the so called “New Year” resolutions all in the hope of becoming “new” with the “new year” as if it is the change in date that will bring the change in our lives.  Yet, no sooner have we gone into the New Year, do we discover that everything in the New Year is like that of the old with exception of the date.  Most times, we discover that “Roll-Overs” from the previous year have followed us to the “new year”. Soon, it becomes clear that the “new year” is no different from the “old” except for the fact that we got older. The reality of having the same old experience right in the New Year is quite a phenomenon to many, but it is not farfetched.

Apart from the dates, can someone please tell me what the difference is between the 31st of December and the 1st of January?  Is not the same sun that rises and falls? So what really is the difference between an old year and a new year? Think about it, the difference between the old year and New Year, is not as much a difference between a new month and its predecessor. The same applies to a new week and the old a week, a new day and the previous day.

The fact is that time is made for man. If a new day does not count, neither will a new week. If a new month does not count, neither will a new year. If the 31st of December does not count, then the 1st of January might not also count. The responsibility of making things “new” depends on the man and not the “New Year”.  We behave as if “new” things depend on the “new year”. No! The newness of our lives does not depend on a new day, week, month and year.

Often, we think the same way, live the same way and yet expect all things to become “new”. Someone defined insanity as “doing the same things all over and yet expecting a different result”.

While we thank God for the New Year, however, this is just to make it abundantly clear that the potentials of the New Year can only be released if only we embrace some new and positive way of thinking.  Your potentials does not depend on the New Year, rather, the potentials of the New Year depends on you.

Happy New Year.

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Poverty, Prosperity and Definition of Money!

Poverty, Prosperity and Definition of Money!

What is poverty?
Did you say “lack of money” or something similar?
Well, above is the average answer we have got so far, each time we ask this question at our Wealth Creation Seminars (WCS).

This particular answer usually compels us to ask this next question,
“What is money?”.
I can remember clearly, the day I asked my kids (the oldest was 7 years old as at then) this same question, and they innocently informed me that “money is what we use to buy things!”.

Unfortunately, so many adults also have this very wrong notion about money. Hear me and hear me well, money is not used to “buy” things, rather money is a medium of exchange for “things” (things here could mean goods and/or services).

Having money does not mean that one is rich! If I have $100, and you have $1,000,000, and both of us have need of yam to eat, but there is no single tuber of yam in the market, then our monies are of no value. We cannot chew the dollar notes. As far as yam is not available for us to buy, your $1,000,000 dollars is as valueless as my $100.

On the other hand, if both of us have no cash at the moment, but I have 100 cows, while you have just 1 goat, I am far richer than you. Far back in the days of trade by Barter, there were rich men as well as poor men, rich nations as well as poor nations.

It‘s all in the definition of money. The poor see money as what they will use to buy goods/services, so they pursue money, the rich see money as a tool for exchange of goods/services, so they don’t “bother” about money. The rich rather seek to always have services to render to humanity and in doing so, money always pursue them.

The million dollar question about money is this: what do you have that you can exchange with people around you? Whenever you have something to exchange, people will pay for it.
I have been paid for delivering motivational lectures!
I have been paid for bridging the gap between a producer of certain goods and some consumers of such goods.
I can remember that I was paid for making our kind of local baskets as a teenager in the days I was growing up.

Monies are exchanging hands daily. They leave the hands of those who need one service/product or the other and enter into the hands of those who provide such services/products.

Hey! What is your value? What are you offering to humanity? Those who have services/products to offer to humanity are rich; those who seek for money just to purchase goods/services are poor!
This why Africa is poor!. We use our money to buy from the rich nations, while the rich nations are paying serious attention to the quality and relevance of goods they produce and that of the services they render.

The rich takes the responsibility of providing goods/and services to humanity, the poor takes in pride in shouting to whoever cares to listen that all he needs is money. Yet, as soon as money enters into his hands, he runs to the rich to get one service or the other, and he is back to “lack of money”.

Poverty or prosperity is choice! It starts from the way we think! Its starts from the way we understand money. It does not bother me if I have don’t have money, but I should be bothered if I have no services to render to humanity. Service to humanity will surely bring money, but poverty awaits any man who has nothing to offer to humanity even if he has money today.

Here is the irony, the rich pursue humanity with their goods/services, so money pursues the rich. The poor on the other hand pursue money in other hand to buy goods/services so even the little money that enters into his hands quickly leaps out of his hands into the awaiting pockets of the rich.

This is why the rich will always continue to get richer while the poor will always continue to get poorer. It is a law.

Arise Africa, it is time for revolution, we need a mental revolution!
This is what we stand for in ARM: African Revolutionary Movement.

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The Genesis of our “Darkness” Part II: Rehash verses Research!

It seems we prefer to rehash than to research.

By Rehash, we mean the simplicity of applying the same “formula” of 40 years ago to today’s problems.

Rather than do some research to find better ways of doing things, we are comfortable with rehashing how it was done before. Very annoying is that most of our “formulas” are nothing but mere superstitions.

Just the other day, I heard of a pregnant woman who was running away from a baby girl that was running after her because according to the woman, she might end up having a baby girl as a result of carrying the little girl that wanted to play with her!

What is the biological equation for that? Was there ever a research carried out to ascertain such claims?

No! We simply rehash it, the way we were told by our forefathers. We must pay attention to research.

We have what it takes to do our own silicon chips, and from there manufacture our own ICs for today’s technologies.
Yet, we are comfortable with rehashing the exploits of our tribal warlords in the 1800s and the 1900s!

We are waiting for

1. America to invent
2. China will produce
3. Dubai will sell,
4. Finally we’ll buy.

We are calling for a revolution! A mental revolution.
This is what we stand for in ARM (African Revolutionary Movement).

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The Genesis Of “The Darkness” In Africa!

It seemed our forefathers were more interested in who “caused” their problems, rather than in “what could be done” to solve the problems.

Every “challenge” no matter how small was attributed to some enemy which could be either human or spirits.

As a result, they always went to make “inquiries” from the gods even if the problem was an ordinary malaria. The priests of the gods did not help matters in anyway, they kept demanding for sacrifices to “appease” the gods or materials to make counter “charms” to destroy the enemies.

The great consequent of this poor thought pattern, was that they always blamed someone or something for every misfortune.

In their philosophy, if there was no rain, they blame it on the gods and could not think of what else they could do to water their farms. How did the white man come about irrigation? It was very simply! 

“The crops need water to survive and grow, since there is no rain, we need to get water the farm from another source!”

One popular slogan of LG Electronics was, “Good thinking, Good Product”. 

It is time we look for solutions and not who or what caused our problems!

It is time we THINK on solutions! It is time for mental revolution! 
This is what we are championing in ARM. 




Welcome to ARM

What is ARM?

ARM stands for African Revolutionary Movement!
Why is Africa so backward?
Why are we so poor in the midst of plenty?
Are we really inferior to other continents/races?
Is there hope for African and Africans?

We have been in the dark for ages but now is our time.
We need a revolution! I don’t mean arms struggle neither do we need arms struggle.

Yet welcome to ARM (African Revolutionary Movement).
Africa needs a Revolution! A Mental Revolution!
It is our mission to cause a Revolution. It is our vision to “light up” Africa.

Who said that we are the Dark Continent?
No! We are not a dark continent.
We just ignorantly refused to turn ON the Light!

It is time to light up of Africa!